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“The Sanctity of Law can be maintained only so long as it is the Expression of the Will of the People.” – Bhagat SinghFreedom of speech is one of the fundamental rights of the citizens of India. Many countries around the world allow freedom of speech to its citizens to empower them to share their thoughts and views.Freedom of speech is essential for the all-round growth and development of a person as well as a nation as a whole. Imposing restriction on what one speaks or hears can hamper the development of a person. It can even create discomfort and dissatisfaction that leads to stress. A nation filled with people full of discontent can never grow in the right direction.Freedom of Speech gives way to open discussions that help in exchange of ideas which is essential for the growth of the society. It is also essential to express one’s opinion about the political system of the country. When the government knows that it is being monitored and can be challenged or criticized for the steps it is taking, it acts more responsibly.The Internet has augmented the Freedom of Speech and Expression. The advent of social media platforms has furthered it all the more. People these days are eager to give their views on anything and everything. If such is the case, then why to deprive people when it comes to giving an opinion regarding any school event? Like, if I am a parent, then I should have a say when it comes to making a decision regarding the place where my child would be going for an excursion or a picnic or, maybe a field trip, isn’t it?Gone are the days when polling our opinion was nothing but a distant dream. Today, VAWSUM – an educational app, has revolutionized the way of thinking of the parents. Parents, now have the chance to poll in their opinion when it comes to events like excursions, field trips or a picnic. The teacher needs to post a question and the parents can poll in their opinion. Remarkable feature indeed! This feature actually helps parents to be more involved with the decision making in the progress of his/her child. Any major decision-making question just needs to be posted in the app by the teacher and each parent can poll in their decision. This enhances the parent-teacher relationship and enhances the child’s growth. Many have taken the step of polling their opinion regarding major decision-making of their child by using VAWSUM and the feedbacks have been nothing but POSITIVE.You too can get the same experience when it comes to decision-making in the academics of your child. For better understandings, kindly visit our website, http://www.vawsum.com 

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