The Educational App that reduces the pressure on School-bus drivers

As the horizon for technology is expanding day by day and with it, the world is becoming a better place to live in. We are all better off than we were yesterday, and we would be better off tomorrow than we are today. Technological advancement has made this world, a better place to live in.

Driving a bus has always been a very tedious job, where one has to put in hours of hard work in order to earn money. And, then, if the bus is a school bus, the responsibility just gets doubled. Driving a school bus is never easy. Picking up students every morning and dropping them to schools can be a very hectic job indeed, and the added responsibility of reaching school on time can make the job even more difficult. On top of that, constant phone calls from parents and the school authority can be very annoying. This often results in the drivers compromising on the safety norms that should be followed. This can, in turn, hamper the safety of the child.

But, the bus drivers need not worry anymore because VAWSUM is here. Using the app, one doesn’t need to answer queries over the phone as every parent would get the live location of the bus on their app. And as a result, the drivers can put their full focus on driving. This assures the safety of the students. VAWSUM also provides the facility of easy new driver onboarding with in-app multi-stop route navigation. All these make VAWSUM the most loved app among the school-bus drivers.

Many schools have already taken up this initiative to use VAWSUM in order to track school buses and this has indeed resulted in a better relationship and understanding between the parents, the drivers, and the school authorities. This has also resulted in the betterment of the security of the students. If you too want to maintain harmony and understanding between the teachers, the parents, the authorities, and the students in your school then VAWSUM is the ideal solution.

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