The “Wind of Change”, VAWSUM

“The wind of change blows straight into the face of time” – Klaus Meine (lead singer, Scorpions)Back in the 1990s, when Klaus Meine might have been singing “Wind of Change” somewhere in Moscow, no one must have thought it to be real. But 28 years since then, we are all blown away by the “Wind of Change” and, if the atmospheric wind is caused by the difference in wind pressure, then this wind is an outcome of nothing, but the technological advancement.The world has indeed become a better place to abide. What seemed impossible yesterday, is possible today. But if we look down the chronicle of change, the one thing that we will be witnessing is that most of the technological advancement has resulted in better communication among each individual. Technology is described in the dictionary as the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, and applied science. The rate at which technology is evolving is unbelievable. Who knew that the hard-wired telephone invented by Graham Bell in the 19th century would soon transform into a device which you can keep in your pocket and take with you wherever, whenever.Today, we have mobile phones which can be taken with us anywhere in the world. Development of smart mobile phones has made communication possible on a device merely half the size of our palm. Smartphones enable users to use normal phones functions on the go, which are calling another mobile phone or landline. But it also allows you to use internet and e-mail functions to keep up to date with your social activities. Text messaging through mobile phones is increasingly becoming the way to communicate quick thoughts to friends, family, and clients.Things that once were thought to be of magic or folklore are now achieved through advances in communication technology. Introduction of the internet and e-mail opened new doors for communication to our society. We can now talk, chat, video chat and socialize via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, educational forums etc. And in INDIA, when you are talking about Educational Forums, none has had a better impact than VAWSUM, when it comes to the communication between a parent and a teacher.VAWSUM is an educational school app, that helps in:

  1. enhancing the SECURITY of the CHILD
  2. enhances the PARENT-TEACHER engagement
  3. enriches the CHILD’s GROWTH
  4. helps in SCHOOL FEES payment

With the birth of the VAWSUM, parents can just pick up the phone and communicate, to a teacher or school authorities from anywhere. Parent-teacher communication has never been this simple. It can easily be said that, VAWSUM has indeed been the “WIND OF CHANGE” that “BLEW STRAIGHT INTO THE FACE OF TIME”.For more pieces of information, kindly visit our website,

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